Q&A Membership and Organisation

How can I join the choir?
The choir is currently full, but we do reserve some spaces for young people between 14 and 17 and we are always happy to hear from men who want to sing. Please contact us if you would like to be added to the waiting list.

Can I try out Malmesbury Community Choir first?
Yes, of course! We offer two free rehearsal sessions to potential members.

Do I have to audition?

Do I need to be able to read music?
No. We do sing in parts and although we use music in rehearsals to help with words and practicing, there is plenty of opportunity to learn the parts by ear, both in rehearsals and with recordings made available to members via the website.

How much will it cost to sing with MCC?
Membership is split into four quarters, each of which is payable in advance. The current fee is £55 per quarter. The price will need to be reviewed depending on the numbers attending, and may go up or down slightly.

Do I have to commit long term?
No, you can leave choir at any time. We do ask that if you join you commit to attend at least 80% of scheduled rehearsals. Learning new pieces can take several weeks and progress can sometimes seem slow, but don’t get disheartened! Give it a few months, and you’ll be amazed how much you have improved overall.

What benefits might I experience if I joined Malmesbury Community Choir?
People have many reasons for wanting to join a choir. Members of choirs often cite the feeling of comradeship and the emotional connection with their fellow singers when a great sound is achieved as being the biggest benefit of belonging to a choir and others just love to sing.

I don’t think I can sing, but like the idea of joining a choir. Should I join Malmesbury Community Choir?
If you enjoy singing or would like to try singing and are prepared to give it a go, then join Malmesbury Community Choir. You don’t need any experience, all we ask is that you try your hardest to learn the songs as often as you can outside of rehearsal sessions.

I love singing, but I’m just too nervous to sing in front of others. Should I join a choir?
The great thing about a community choir is that there is a wide range of ability and confidence amongst its members. If you think nerves will get in the way of you learning, making progress and having fun, just speak to the Musical Director. He will be able to advise you with techniques and find you a mentor.

How will the Choir be organised and managed?
The MCC is currently run by the team of volunteers who founded the choir and organised the launch. Long-term, though, the members of the MCC will elect a governing board which will comprise a minimum of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and other roles deemed suitable for the good management practice of a successful community choir. The Governing Board will manage the Malmesbury Community Choir under the rules of the Constitution which was agreed and signed at the outset by the founding board. You can download a copy of the Constitution from the website.

Is there a Membership Code of Conduct?
Yes. They are in the Membership Notes on the application form, which members accept when joining up.

How are the Finances managed?
The ‘not for profit’ status, requires the association to ensure that the income generated be used by the association to further the objectives of the choir. These may be thing such as raising money for performances or putting money towards hiring or purchasing equipment; or it may be used as donations to local charities or good causes. More details can be found in the Constitution.

Where can I find more information about MCC?
Here on our website www.malmesburycommunitychoir.org, by visiting and “liking” our Facebook page and joining the Mailing List