Q&A Performances

Who decides what performances we do?
Members are encouraged to put forward opportunities for performances to the Board, who will generally conduct a review and possibly a feasibility study. The Musical Director and Governing Board will decide which performances the Malmesbury Community Choir will undertake.

What do I need to wear, is there a uniform?
There will be no uniform during rehearsal, however during performance we may ask you to wear a particular colour scheme, depending on the performance, venue, season etc. There will be no requirement to buy expensive items specifically for performing.

Will I be expected to take part in all performances?
Not if you don’t want to.

Will there be a selection made for performances?
Very unlikely. The choir will sing together at all performances with no auditions or selection. In the rare event that we receive a request to sing as a smaller choir (for example, at a venue that is limited in space) the Board and Musical Director will provide more information about how the selection or volunteering process will work at that time.